Agreeing to get a Divorce
Getting an uncontested divorce can save time, money, and emotional stress.

Most divorce stories relayed through the grapevine are gut wrenching. They include everything from fighting over cars and furniture to battling about who will receive custody of the children. The level of drama and stress involved is enough to make anyone want to remain single. However, not all divorces are horrible. In fact, many couples divorce by agreement and transition smoothly into single lifestyles.

If you think that divorce is synonymous with animosity and losing your shirt, think again. It is possible to get an amicable divorce, provided that both spouses want to end the marriage and agree about how to divide property. With help from a mediator or family law attorney, more couples are emerging from divorce without any arguments and they are doing it in months, not years.

The process is called an uncontested divorce and for couples who do not have complex assets, it can be the fast track to happy lives as single people. To make their situations easier, many couples seek uncontested divorce help from family lawyers. These legal professionals specialize in property division, financial support, and custody issues associated with divorce. They can help a couple divorce without fighting over assets, alimony, or child support.

Divorce is never a completely happy process but it need not be a battle. If the couple can manage to decide who will receive which property and how much time each individual will spend with the children, divorce may not be a painful situation. Having a divorce lawyer serve as a representative in negotiations can further reduce conflict because this individual is an expert in the law and will approach things more objectively.

The ability to divorce without a fight is heavily dependent upon the mindsets of the couple. If each spouse realizes that divorce is the best option and understands that marital property should be divided fairly, it is often possible to avoid fighting throughout the process. If a disagreement does occur, the couple can rely on their attorneys to negotiate the issue and present the outcomes for final approval.

If both of you agree that your marriage has come to an end, talk to a family lawyer about getting an uncontested divorce. The process is easier, faster, and less expensive than a contested divorce. Putting an unpleasant marriage in the past and moving on to new lives within several months without dragging each other through the mud is the best approach.

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