Time to Hire a Divorce AttorneyYou got married young to your high school sweetheart and thought your world was perfect. Well, two kids, a mortgage, and 20 years later and all is not rosy. Because you have been lifelong friends, the decision was made early on to try to keep it civil and not hire an attorney. However, as you proceed, you may realize you are simply in over your head and it is now time to hire a divorce attorney.

By definition, a divorce is a legal proceeding ending a marriage. Because of the intricacies of the law, it is unlikely one or both parties involved are fully aware of the actual laws regarding a divorce. If there are problems within the “amicable” divorce and the couple cannot reach a compromise, a judge will review the case and make the final decision regarding division of property, custody, and visitation rights.

Even if the couple has remained civil and is divorcing simply because they have grown apart romantically, it is best to hire attorneys to protect both sides. If the couple had decided to split everything down the middle and already knows how custody will be decided, an attorney can finalize the agreement and have it approved by the courts. If they are locked in for the long haul and ready to do battle, it is definitely a time to call in legal help from a divorce lawyer.

Something else to consider here is the children. Because a legal battle requires significant focus, the children often suffer during the proceedings. Mom and dad are too concerned about who is getting what and who will have custody that they sometimes forget the very children for which they are fighting over custody. Let the lawyers handle the legal ends of things and both parents can then concentrate on the transition they must make with their children.

Ask any couple that has been through a divorce, even the “civil” ones, and they will tell you that it was not a very good time in their lives. It is an end to a significant chapter in one’s life and this is something that will take an emotional toll. Moreover, when emotions get involved, we often see more problems than anticipated. Hiring a divorce attorney allows the couple to let the lawyers handle their legal issues and avoid the ugly battles. It also allows them to focus on their children and moving forward with the next chapter of their life.

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