Child Visitation LawyerA child visitation lawyer knows that parents who share physical custody of their children should take particular interest in forming a child visitation calendar or parenting plan. This calendar is a document both parents follow in order to establish who is responsible for the child at different points throughout the week, month, or year. In many cases, a child visitation lawyer will assist parents in creating this plan and can also serve as a mediator in the event the schedule needs to be changed or parents cannot agree on visitation details. Speaking with an experienced family law attorney is the best way to begin working on a parenting plan that works for you and your ex!

What Are My Options to Set a Child Visitation Schedule?

There are a few methods for  parents to create a child visitation schedule. Some parents, if they are able to get along and find agreement, are able to establish a plan through informal meetings, not having to involve the court to make a decision regarding custody. Generally, when the parents are able to create the plan themselves, they have more control over the time spent with each parent and can be creative with visitations. If parents are unable to agree upon a schedule through informal meetings or even mediation, a court petition can be filed to have a judge decide the arrangements through a court hearing.

Can A Lawyer Help Change My Parenting Schedule?

If a schedule becomes unworkable down the line, a child visitation lawyer should be consulted to help facilitate any changes as the process can be difficult to navigate without the experience that only a family law attorney has . Small details, such as transportation from each parent’s home, transportation to school as well as who is responsible for the child when they are sick, can cause disagreements among parents. Once an amicable plan for both parties is put in place, details will be included in a signed court order, making the parenting plan a legally binding agreement.

Although child visitation schedules are legally binding, changes can be made at any time as along as both parents agree to the adjustments. If there is a time that parents want to change the parenting plan but cannot agree on the changes, a child visitation lawyer should be contacted. These professionals can help parents come to an agreement outside of court, or if an agreement cannot be made, assist in submitting a visitation schedule modification to a judge.

Getting a Child Visitation Lawyer is Essential!

Understanding visitation rights and being able to work out an acceptable plan for both parties is key to creating a strong child visitation schedule. Parenting plans should ideally be agreed upon outside of court by both parents, but in the event they cannot come to terms, an attorney is a great resource to help resolve differences and even present the case to a judge. By working with an experienced family law attorney that specializes in child custody and visitation issues, you can rest assured that your rights will be preserved!

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