Fathers rights child supportFathers can win custody of their children during a divorce and they receive the financial responsibility that accompanies it. It costs money to feed and clothe a child and depending on the age of the child, expenses for daycare, education, and activities may be incurred. Custodial fathers have the right to financial support from their former spouses based on differences in income and earning ability.

A father’s rights to child support equal those of a mother, though courts have not always taken this perspective. Traditionally, a court awarded custody to the mother of the child and required the father to pay child support, as he was the family breadwinner. Many fathers found themselves paying huge amounts of child support and getting to spend limited time with their children. This was clearly not an ideal situation.

Research revealing the importance of each parent in the life of a child and advocates for a father’s custody rights in divorce have changed this. More fathers are winning custody of their children and some are receiving child support from their exes. This has caused other fathers to explore their rights, often with help from family law attorneys. By helping to exercise a father’s rights in divorce, these lawyers are leveling the playing field.

Fathers who already have custody of their children may petition for child support at any time. Whether a custodial father always earned less than his former spouse did or his earnings were recently reduced due to a layoff or other event, he may be entitled to financial assistance with childrearing. A family lawyer will explain child support entitlements based on the Federal Child Support Enforcement Act.

Child support calculations vary by state and depend on custodial parent income and needs, standard of living of the child prior to divorce, and current needs of the child. Each state also considers the ability of the non-custodial parent to pay child support, ensuring that neither party is detrimentally affected. Both parents must complete financial statements that are considered by a family court before it renders a child support decision.

Family law attorneys focus on custodial fathers and child support issues, helping their male clients live more comfortable lives while caring for children. Fathers who believe they are entitled to child support payments after receiving child custody should consult with these lawyers. Custody of minor children is intended to be a blessing, not a financial burden.

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