Can a Lawyer Help Me Win Child Custody During Divorce?

Win Child Custody During DivorceMany of us have heard about fights over child custody during divorce. Our first thought is usually not of the anguish of the parents but how the children are affected. When parents battle over custody, everyone loses and children are usually the biggest casualties. It can take months or years for them to recover from their exposure to this situation. This is why having an experienced child custody attorney on your side is so important. They will guide you through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls that so many divorcing couples fall victim to.

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Divorcing parents should think about how to best avoid damaging their children before engaging in a custody fight during divorce. There are ways to win custody without emotionally damaging the ex-spouse or the children. Not every conversation with the former spouse needs to result in an argument. Mediators and attorneys who specialize in family law can help diffuse emotional discussions so the divorcing couple can focus on the facts and work through issues as objectively as possible.

Lawyers Really Do Help Win Child Custody During Divorce

It can be difficult to think clearly when emotions are running high. Both parents may want to win child custody during divorce, causing them to verbally attack each other. This can trickle down to the children, causing the youngsters to side with one parent. The result is an emotional mess that may require therapy to correct. But, a lot of this mess can be avoided if the right attorney is involved.

Getting child custody help from an experienced family law attorney reduces the likelihood of disagreement during custody discussions because they will properly negotiate and draft parenting agreements that both parents may be able to agree on. If parents are able to agree on a custody arrangement, they can save themselves a lot of time and money. They will not need to argue in court, be involved in lengthy hearings and trials, and will only require court approval for the divorce decree and custody order. The former spouses part ways without seriously harming their relationship, which must continue in some capacity for the sake of their children.

Family law attorneys help their clients find common ground by working towards a policy of joint custody, when appropriate. Joint custody allows for both parents to share in the child rearing. In situations where the other parent is considered harmful to the children, child custody attorneys fight for their clients to receive sole custody. Courts generally prefer to grant joint custody in divorce, so having good legal representation can prove invaluable. Children will grow up in a safe and healthy environment with both parents understanding their joint responsibilities.

It can be difficult to win child custody during divorce when the other parent is trying to do the same thing. By having an experienced divorce attorney on your side, you will have the help you need to streamline the process and keep emotions in check. Both parents are more likely to walk away with their desired amount of parenting time and children will feel little  fallout from the divorce and custody discussions. This paves the way for a happier future for all involved. Getting the child custody help you deserve is as simple – connect with an experienced family law attorney today!

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