Parenting tips during divorceWorking together through divorce…it just seems like something that is impossible to do. However, for parents, this is an absolute must to ensure the kids come through this ordeal emotionally and mentally healthy. We realize this can be difficult, so we have put together some tips to make this transition easier for everyone.

  • Educating Yourself on the Effects of Divorce – most adults are well aware of the effects of divorce on their life, but how does it affect the children? Yes, it is devastating for you, but your children are also going through a very emotional time. Before this situation is addressed with your children, take the time to educate yourself on the effects of divorce on children.
  • Develop a Game Plan – while sitting down with your soon-to-be ex is probably not at the top of your “things I want to do” list, this needs to happen, and soon. Take the time to put together an agenda of the actual topics you want to discuss. Things such as visitation, where the kids will live, how it will affect them, etc…
  • Anticipate Questions – to make the transition as easy as possible, you need to anticipate the questions the children will ask. There is plenty of information online, but also consider talking to friends and family with children that have gone through a divorce to find out the questions their children have asked them. This will give you more time to prepare your answers and avoid being hit with something you are not ready to answer.
  • Schedule the “Talk” – agreeing on anything at this time can be difficult, but it is best if both parties are present and talk to the kids as their parents. No, you may not be husband and wife for much longer, but you will always be their parents. Put your differences aside and do this as mom and dad, not husband and wife.
  • Helping the Kids Afterwards – statistics show that far more children will be affected by a divorce negatively that those that are able to simply deal with it. Problems may not show up for years, but there is a very good chance that at some point, the kids will show the effects of the divorce. As parents, you need to take the knowledge you gain during this process and look for these signs. If you are unable to help the children on your own, work together to find the best professional help available to ensure your kids come through this experience healthy.

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