Legal issues involving family members can be difficult in New York. Property disputes, divorce, and child custody are serious, complex, and can have long-lasting effects. These fall under the umbrella of family law and are best handled by a specialized, New York lawyer. Whether you have questions, are considering separation or divorce, or are displeased with a pre-existing divorce settlement, a New York family law attorney can help.

A New York lawyer who focuses on divorce cases handles everything that goes along with them. Though separation or divorce often leads couples to seek legal counsel, property division, child custody, and child support conversations soon follow. A New York family law attorney possesses the knowledge and skills to handle each of these issues. Speaking with a New York family law attorney for a free consultation is the most important step to getting the family law advice you deserve.

New York Divorce Help and Advice

New York Family Law

Getting married is exciting and focuses on the future. Engaged couples plan to buy their first homes, enjoy leisure time, have children, and live out their golden years together. They do not think about divorce because they believe it will never happen. Their marriage will last forever despite any trials or tribulations. Unfortunately, many of them are wrong and a divorce in New York becomes all too common.

Life can move in unexpected directions. When faced with challenges that threaten to tear them apart, married couples in New York try save their marriages. Despite their best efforts, divorce may become inevitable. Separating couples want things to be as quick, simple, and pain-free as possible. They want an expert to take care of the messy details while they focus on building healthy, independent futures. Getting the New York divorce help and advice you deserve is the first step to moving forward in a positive manner.

Property division, financial support, and child custody are common issues during a divorce for New Yorkers. Most people do not possess the knowledge to navigate these situations alone. By retaining experienced New York family law attorneys, they receive all the help they need. Skilled family law attorneys explain client rights, take care of the necessary paperwork, and ensure that clients receive what they are entitled to without being unfair.

Divorce may be difficult but it does not need to be a war. However, if the other party behaves unacceptably by hiding assets or refusing to consider equitable division of property, a New York family law attorney will need to have difficult conversations with their clients. The best family law attorneys go the distance for their clients, fighting for property, support, and custody in the face of emotional and even religious issues.

New York Child Custody Help

When the family unit includes children, divorcing couples in New York have much more to think about than themselves and their problems. They should focus on what is best for the future of their children. Many parents living throughout New York have been parties in child custody cases. Those who are satisfied with the outcome usually say that hiring an experienced New York family law attorney made the difference. This lawyer helped them work through the New York child custody process as amicably as possible and without emotionally damaging their children.

Parents are often not aware that child custody has two components. Physical or, residential custody refers to where the children reside full-time. Legal custody entails decisions regarding the health, safety and welfare of the children such as where the children attend school and the type and amount of healthcare coverage they have. Both types of custody are complex and many different arrangements are possible, making it important to have the legal expertise that only a seasoned New York family law attorney can provide.

Parents are often encouraged by the courts to determine custody arrangements by working together whenever possible rather than involving the court system. New York child custody attorneys help their clients make strong arguments for joint or sole custody. When one parent agrees to grant the other primary custody, rights to child visitation should and must be discussed at the same time. It is important for both parents to remain strong influences in the lives of their children and a New York family lawyer ensures that this happens.

If the outcome of a previous custody case is not satisfactory, a New York family law attorney will petition to change this; this is commonly known as a Petition for Modification of Custody, and it is normally based on there being a “substantial change in circumstances.” The attorney can even help clients file emergency motions for temporary custody due to suspected child abuse, neglect, or some type of imminent danger to the child. These are not situations that a parent should enter into without legal representation.

New York Child Support

Child custody is only part of the discussion when it comes to how children affect a New York family law matter. Child support, which consists of a sum of money paid by one parent to the other parent to help support the children, is a necessary step in the process of dealing with children. Costs of health insurance, medical bills, the child’s education, and day care are all part of child support. The amount of this financial support is determined by the income of each of the parents, the needs of the child, and what each is able to afford.

In most cases, the parent who is not granted primary custody is required to pay child support, this person is sometimes referred to as the “noncustodial” or “nonresidential” parent. In New York, child support payments can continue until the child is 21 years old even though 18 is the majority age for minors. Situations that affect the obligation to pay child support include the child becoming self-supporting due to entering military service or getting married or the child becoming emancipated once older than 16. Seeking help from a New York child support attorney is recommended to petition the court for the termination of child support payments. This is where a New York family law attorney steps in on your behalf.

Unemployed and self-employed parents often have additional questions regarding child support. If previous calculations resulted in an unaffordable child support figure or finances have subsequently changed, affecting the ability to pay, the probability that the child support amount should be lowered is high. Failure to make child support payments can have serious consequences, such as the suspension of your driver’s license and, in some instances, incarceration. Waiting months or even years to fix a child support problem is the best way to end up on the wrong side of a family court judge. Acting quickly when your employment situation changes is the best plan to stay in the good graces of any New York child support judge.

New York Father’s Rights Help

As recently as 30 years ago, fathers had little chance of receiving custody of their children in the State of New York. Maternal preference was the legal doctrine used by virtually all United States courts , New York included. New York father’s rights lawyers and activists for father’s rights challenged this and have since successfully made New York State laws more gender-neutral. However, precedence is still a major factor, resulting in more mothers receiving legal and physical custody than fathers. This is precisely why having a New York father’s rights attorney on your side is essential to get the rights that you deserve.

New York fathers who want custody of their children will need to work hard to receive it. A New York family law attorney who recognizes the rights of fathers is a good ally. Your attorney will petition the court for the amount and type of custody required by male clients and also fights for child support when warranted. Fathers should look for an attorney who focuses on their father’s rights – it will make a world of difference.

A father should never feel alone in his quest to obtain custody of his children and receive financial support to help raise them. Research indicates that both parents are important to the development of their children. This makes it essential for a father to obtain the right amount of family law help and advice from an attorney who will fight for his father’s rights in New York.

What Do I Do Now?

Simple. Contacting a New York family law attorney who will fight for you is as simple as the few clicks of your mouse. Our team of New York family law attorneys will discuss your case and let you know your rights. New York has some of the most confusing and difficult family law statutes and rules of any state in America. Learning about what your rights are by researching through our site is the first step to understanding how the law can work for you. The next step – the most important step – is obtaining help and advice from a New York family law attorney who can guide you through the system and get you what you deserve. Contact us now and we’ll connect you to an attorney for free.

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  1. My son is seeking a Dad Advocate attorney for his custody and support hearing on September 9. He lives close to Ithaca NY. Do you have any attorneys that you would be willing to recommend? We would really appreciate your help. Thank you

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