Florida Fathers Rights AdviceThe laws of Florida provide both parents with the right to have a healthy relationship with their child. However, men have to fight zealously for their father’s rights in Florida. Failure to do so could mean that they will not have a relationship with their child and they will not be protected financially after a divorce or a separation. While it is true that father’s rights are increasing in Florida and around the country, the courts still lean towards the mother. This is why it is essential to have a father’s rights attorney on your side fighting for you through the process. Get the Florida fathers rights help and advice you deserve today!

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Florida family law statutes state that if a woman is not married by the time she delivers a child, the supposed father’s name should not be entered in the birth certificate of the child without a signed affidavit from both the mother and the presumed father. A biological father who is not married to the mother of his child has the right to file a claim of paternity, claiming that he is the father of the child. Forms to do so will need to be filed with the Florida Putative Father Registry. When filing this claim of paternity in Florida, the alleged father can state their wish to be informed of any adoption proceedings or dependency action. If the unmarried biological father fails to exercise these Florida fathers’ rights, they could lose their parental right to the child.

In case an unmarried mother has not taken any action to find out the paternity of their child, a man who believes that the child is his has the right to file a court order that will establish the child’s paternity through a paternity test. The paternity of the child must be determined by agreement of both parties, order of the court or operation of the law before the father can request their Florida fathers’ rights to custody. Getting a DNA test is a fast, simple, and relatively inexpensive way of proving that you are the father of a child.

Florida Father’s Rights to Time Sharing and Custody

Florida family laws do not favor either parent when establishing custody and time-sharing rights. At the beginning of a child custody case, both parents should have equal rights to custody and time-sharing. A parenting and custody plan will be formulated on the basis of what is in the child’s best interests. This can either happen through agreement of both of the parents, or by a court order dictated by the judge involved in the case. In most cases, both parents decide to work out an arrangement where custody, visitation, and all other issues dealing with the child are negotiated and written into a final custody judgment or parenting agreement.

Florida child custody laws dictate that both parents should be involved in taking care of the child and in making decisions that will affect the child. Psychologists believe that the best time-sharing and custody plan should involve both parents so that the child receives financial and emotional support from both their mother and their father. It is also best if both parents feel that they can participate actively in their child’s life. When this isn’t the case and cooperative parenting in a Florida child custody case is not possible, a judge will order one parent to have primary decision making authority. Our attorneys fight to get you joint custody so that both parents have decision making authority.

Florida Fathers Rights Help – Get Your Rights!

A Florida father who wants to have the maximum possible time with his child should get Florida fathers rights help from an experienced lawyer. Dads should attempt to live in a home that is close to their child’s school district so that overnight parenting times will not disrupt the child’s schooling. The father should ensure that their home is big enough and comfortable enough to accommodate the children whenever they come to stay with him. A father who wants to maximize the time they spend with their children should be willing to adjust their work schedule in order to make it possible for them to spend time with their child.

Dads who want to exercise their fathers’ rights in Florida should make arrangements to take their child to school or to pick them up from school. In case they will not be available, they can arrange for day care services. They should be willing to participate in their child’s life by knowing their teachers and their friends as well as taking part in their child’s school and extracurricular activities.

In order for the court to grant the father the parental rights he deserves, the father must be sure that he intends to put the well-being of his child before his own needs. A father who wants to keep his rights should therefore be willing to help with his child’s medical, educational and financial needs. They should also protect their child from the emotional stress that the divorce or child custody litigation process is likely to cause them. This is by ensuring that the child does not get access to litigation documents, as well as refraining from bad-mouthing the other parent in front of their child.

Can Father’s Make Decisions for the Children?

Fathers’ rights in Florida are protected by statute so that dad’s can have the ability to make decisions regarding their child’s upbringing. Florida family laws provide for the possibility of shared legal custody so that both parents can share mutual responsibility for decisions that deal with their child’s health, education or religion. This is the scenario that is best for the child, unless there is evidence that this cooperative parenting arrangement is not in the best interests of the child. Florida law has made it possible for fathers to have a significant role in the life of their child after a separation or a divorce. However, the father must be willing to fight for this right. If there is a disagreement on time-sharing and custody, the father must seek Florida fathers rights help from an experienced fathers rights attorney.

Father’s Rights on Child Support and Property Distribution

A father in Florida can fight for their rights on matters dealing with child support. The laws of Florida have been amended to take into account the amount of overnight visits that the child spends with both parents in calculating child support amounts. If a child spends more than twenty per cent of their overnights in a year with their father, the child support amounts should be modified to reflect this time. This will ensure that the father is left with enough income and assets after a divorce so that they can also meet their child’s needs whenever the child is in their care.

Florida law has also impacted property distribution orders. The law can decide if it is in the child’s best interests to maintain in the family home, and to award it to either parent. If both parents have joint custody and time-sharing rights, the father can ask to be awarded the marital home if he is in a better position financially and therefore is able to properly maintain this home for their children’s benefit after a divorce. Men should be aware of these important Florida fathers rights whenever they seek equitable property distribution after a divorce.

Florida fathers rights help can assist a man to get all the rights that they deserve as a father. Florida law has made it possible for a father to fight for their parental rights, and all they have to do is to take positive action in order to ensure that they get these rights.

Speaking with one of our experienced Florida Dad’s Rights lawyers will set you on the path to winning your custody or visitation case!

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  1. Randy J Sirmans

    I need help! My fiancee of 9 years cheated and over dosed almost a year and a half ago with her oldest daughter with her witch got family first network evolved.they ended up closing the case with out my lawyer present and I agreed to her mother having guardian ship to my daughter.i didn’t know what I was agreeing to for my lawyer was not present.i got child support papers in the mail stating that I am expected to pay almost 400.$ a month.since the grandmother has had custody I have not seen my daughter in a month now.my court appointed lawyer was no help in the case I had no legal representation whatsoever and can’t get a response from him or family first network about the situation.the mother is in Michigan with her new boyfriend and the grandmother lives here in Navarre as well as I do.the grandmother has just moved to a new house I don’t know where she moved to cant speak to her and can’t get a answer from anyone besides the case is closed.ive done nothing to the children or the mother of my daughter.i was woke up on a Sunday morning to a living night mare that has never ended.i need help, going crazy here….

  2. What rights does a father have when his wife walks out and abandon the family (3 children ages 17-15-10) to go live with her new boyfriend, and is trying to force the the youngest to stay with her and her new boyfriend telling her she doesn’t have a choice as to who she can live with even though she wants to stay with her father and siblings What steps can the father take first to establish custody of his 3 children to keep the kids together and offer visitation rights to the mother since she abandon the family.(this isn’t a case of verbal or physical abuse) He lives in Orlando Florida

  3. Justin Nordstrom

    I am a working father and I just lost 50/50 custody and need help. I am an active duty officer that does not deploy. I have been in my kids life everyday and a magistrate just awarded 75/25 custody to my ex, just because I have a job.

    1. This is tough. A lot of times, people lose some parenting time not because they’ve done anything wrong, but because their schedule with work makes certain parenting schedules impossible or very difficult.
      It might be because a parent starts work early in the morning and waking the kids up at 5am for a babysitter every day or having someone available isn’t possible. Could be late at night work hours that disrupt this too. Reach out and give us a call. It’s best to go over some of these details with a Florida child custody lawyer so that additional details can be shared and get an understanding on why the judge did what he/she did and how it can be corrected. Contact here for a free family law evaluation and share some more info confidentially.

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