Texas Divorce Help and AdviceDivorce, the big “D”, one of the biggest changes you will ever make to your life, is a big deal, and that is why we provide Texas divorce help in a compassionate and caring manner. Texas divorce laws are some of the most complex in the entire country; even if you and your spouse own no property and have no children. Either way, no one will protect your rights like our team of Texas divorce lawyers. If you are looking for Texas divorce help and advice, you have come to the right place. We will treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve when looking for divorce advice.

Texas divorce cases revolve around a few main issues, such as child custody (called conservatorship in Texas), child support, alimony, and property division. A divorce can easily turn complex in many instances when multiple issues are involved. Becoming a victim of the complex Texas divorce laws is easy without the right divorce advice that only our team of Texas divorce attorneys can provide.

Grounds for Divorce in Texas

In Texas, you can be divorced on one six different grounds (as well as on a no fault basis, which is the most common): cruelty, adultery, conviction of any felony, abandonment, living apart for three years, or confinement to a mental hospital. The most common type of divorce in Texas is the “no-fault” method, because proving your divorce on fault grounds is difficult and can cost twice the money with normally nothing in return. In rare instances proving fault grounds in your divorce may help in your child custody determination, but only an experienced Texas divorce lawyer can let you know if it will affect your personal situation.

Contested Divorce vs. Uncontested Divorce in Texas

There are basically only two different types of divorces in Texas: a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce (also known as no fault or agreed divorce). No matter which type of divorce you anticipate having, the rules and laws that govern divorces in Texas are so complex, it is nearly impossible to navigate on your own – but that’s where we come in – providing the best Texas divorce help and advice in the Lone Star State!

An uncontested divorce is where the parties decide to work together to find common ground to end the marriage on a positive note. This process works best when combined with the proper Texas divorce advice that only a seasoned professional can provide. Deciding to agree on what to do about the property, children, or retirement accounts is only half the battle. Structuring it in the proper way so that a Texas divorce Judge signs off on it is another story entirely. The best thing about having an uncontested divorce is the amount of money that you normally will save. By avoiding costly litigation where the judge makes the final decision as to everything involved in your life, the two of you can work together one last time to end the marriage amicably before moving on.

In the complete opposite direction is a contested divorce. For starters, contested divorces often end up costing more money because of the drafting of multiple court pleadings, court hearings, and drawn out battles that require a judge to be the deciding factor. But, when two people just cannot get along anymore and when one party believes they deserve the children, the house or a portion of the other spouse’s retirement accounts, battle lines can be drawn and wars fought over each other’s positions. Knowing that you are working with the best Texas divorce attorneys when you contact our team for divorce advice should put your mind at ease that your rights will be protected.

Texas Divorce Help With Child Custody

Texas does not follow the ordinary type of custody that most states do. Instead, Texas refers to this as “conservatorship” of the child. Two types of conservatorship (Texas child custody) exist, namely managing and possessory conservatorship. When a married couple divorces, Texas courts use a standard known as the “best interests of the child” to determine who should be the parent with whom the children live with full-time and which parent will have visitation rights. Getting the proper Texas child custody help and advice during your divorce is easy since that is exactly what our professionals provide on a daily basis.

Managing conservatorship and possessory conservatorship have very different meanings and responsibilities attached to each. The managing conservator in a Texas divorce is the parent with whom the children will live with full-time. No longer is a mother granted automatic managing conservatorship.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Nowadays, both a mother and father have the opportunity to put their best foot forward and explain to a judge why he or she should be the parent the children live with full-time.[/quote]

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In contrast to managing conservatorship is possessory conservatorship. The parent that has visitation rights normally is the parent with possessory conservatorship. This means that, in many instances, the other parent will have discretion to make decisions such as medical care, schooling, and extracurricular activities without filling the parent with merely possessory conservatorship in on the details.

Not having control over your children as you did when you were married can seem to be a terrifying change in your life. This is why anyone going through a divorce in Texas should contact us immediately for the advice you need to fight for your rights to custody of your children. We work towards making you the sole managing conservatorship or granting you joint managing conservatorship with your ex-spouse! We are your #1 source for Texas divorce help and advice for a reason – we win.

Texas Divorce Help and Alimony Advice

Texas is one state in a growing trend where alimony is not permanent in nature. Texas divorce law provides for only limited amounts of alimony to be paid to a spouse after a divorce. Alimony, otherwise known as spousal maintenance, is only granted in limited circumstances for marriages that have lasted more than ten years. If your marriage meets this first burden of proof and the facts who that your spouse should receive alimony, it is only granted to your spouse for a maximum of three years. The point of spousal maintenance (or alimony) in a Texas divorce, is to allow the other spouse the opportunity to get themselves in a healthy financial position after maybe having not been the primary breadwinner in the marriage. Because the financial ramifications are huge no matter what side of the equation you are on, it is essential that you get the Texas alimony help and advice that you desperately deserve.

Property Division Help in a Texas Divorce

Texas is a community property state when it comes to the division of property during a divorce. This means that Texas divorce courts generally presume that any and all property that has been acquired during the marriage is marital property (called “community property”) and subject to an equal 50/50 split. However, Texas does not follow community property rules hard and fast like other community property states. Texas divorce laws allow for some wiggle room, which they get around by factoring in an equitable distribution of the community property. This wiggle room is open for interpretation by a judge and, of course, a seasoned Texas divorce lawyer is your first step to getting the amount of property that you deserve. No one provides better property division and Texas divorce help and advice than our team – and we are available for a free consultation.

Win Your Texas Divorce Case!

Texas judges rarely let a case go all the way to trial, but they hold many big hearings and with big hearings, come the stress of testifying in open court in front of a judge and the possibility that unless you are prepared and know what you are doing, you may lose. With the right Texas divorce advice and support on your side, you can win custody of your children, the property you deserve, and get the support you need to move on to the next positive chapter in your life. Connecting with a Texas divorce lawyer that can provide you with the help you need has never been easier – pick up the phone or fill out the form on this page and one of our divorce experts will get in touch with you right away! Get the Texas divorce help and advice you need and deserve.

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