If you are going through a tough family law-related matter, such as a child custody dispute or a divorce, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced Rhode Island family law attorney. Our team of professionals can offer you Rhode Island family law advice and can help you obtain the successful outcome in Rhode Island family court that you deserve. Do not delay in obtaining the Rhode Island family law assistance that you need.

Rhode Island Divorce

Divorce laws vary by state. When getting divorced in Rhode Island, a couple can file for a fault or no-fault divorce. A divorce not based on fault means that the couple is facing irreconcilable differences that they cannot overcome, or that the couple has lived apart in separate residences for three years or more. A divorce based on fault, however, means that one spouses has done something that has caused the marriage to end. Fault grounds include instances in which one spouse has committed adultery, or is extremely cruel to his or her spouse, has a history of continued drunkenness, or is impotent.

Other family law issues must be addressed as part of a divorce in Rhode Island. These issues include matters like child support determinations, spousal support determinations, property division and child custody, as well as others. Many soon-to-be ex-spouses fight over these matters bitterly, and it can be hard to reach an agreement without the Rhode Island family court having to step in. That’s why an experienced Rhode Island divorce attorney can be helpful to have by your side as you go through your divorce proceedings. Our team can help you through your divorce and can provide you with the advice and assistance you need to get you what you want and deserve out of your divorce. Contact our team for Rhode Island divorce assistance straight away.

Rhode Island Child Support

Child support payments help provide financial support for children and minimize the economic consequences children might endure as a result of a divorce or parental separation. In Rhode Island, child support is usually determined based on a formula and set of guidelines, which sets forth the minimum support that must be provided by a non-custodial parent. Child support calculations are based on a combination of the parents’ incomes, rather than based on the paying parent’s income alone. Increases in child support are made based on the number of children that are to be supported and if the parent experiences an increase in his or her income levels. Sometimes, only the bare minimum of child support is ordered by the court, or the paying parent may have experienced an increased income level that is not being reflected in his or her child support payments. When you need to seek a Rhode Island child support determination or modification, you need the support of a qualified Rhode Island child support lawyer. Our team can help you with Rhode Island child support advice and guidance.

Rhode Island Child Custody

When it comes to children, the courts and parents are always making decisions based on the best interests of the child. The Rhode Island family court considers both the parents’ and the child’s wishes when making a child custody determination, in addition to considering the stability of the child’s home, the well-being of each parent (including mental and physical), and the ability of each parent to provide a loving and supportive environment for the child. The court will also assess each parent’s encouragement of the child to foster a relationship with the other parent. There is a lot riding on Rhode Island child custody determinations; you want to be with your child and you want to spend as much time as possible with them. Our team of experienced Rhode Island child custody attorneys are here to help. Reach out to us for Rhode Island child custody advice and support.

Rhode Island Fathers’ Rights

When you have been actively involved in your child’s life, and you love your child very much, there is no reason that your participation in your child’s life should cease simply because you have become divorced or separated from your child’s mother. Rhode Island has a fairly progressive system where fathers’ rights are concerned, and does not presume that the child’s mother is an inherently better parent. Yet, that does not mean that custody after a divorce or separation will be an easy win. If you are fighting for your rights as a father, you need legal advocacy and advice that will get you the successful outcome you deserve regarding your child or children. Reach out to our team for assistance and help.

There are a number of family law matters covered under the laws of Rhode Island, including child support, child custody and divorce. When you are facing a family law issue, speaking with an experienced Rhode Island family law attorney is essential to safeguarding your rights.

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