Montana family law matters arise frequently for many people. Child custody and child support disputes, fathers’ rights issues, and divorce are all issues that you can get help with from a qualified Montana family law lawyer. Our team of experienced Montana family law professionals can provide you with useful information and legal advice that will help you in obtaining the legal resolution that you need and deserve. Your family law matters are important to us.

Montana Divorce

The laws for divorce are different in every state, with Montana being no exception. In order to obtain a divorce in Montana, all that is required is that the divorcing spouses either state that they do not believe that the marriage can be saved, or that they have lived separately and apart, in different residences, for a period of six months.

Other matters will need to be decided as part of your divorce as well, such as the division of marital assets and debts, whether alimony will be paid and by which spouse, and, if there are children in the relationship, what the custody arrangement will be and whether child support will be paid and by which spouse. These matters often require the skill and knowledge of an experienced Montana divorce lawyer. Our team of qualified Montana divorce attorneys can offer you advice and guidance and are ready to help you to work with your ex-spouse to resolve these issues in a way that works for everyone. Reach out to our team for Montana divorce assistance today.

Montana Child Support

When one parent has primary custody of the child or children, he or she usually receives child support from the non-custodial parent. It is important that children are financially supported so that they can continue to enjoy a standard of living to which they have grown accustomed. Child support is based on several variables, including the paying parent’s income, costs that the paying parent is responsible for (e.g., medical expenses, insurance premiums, day care expenditures, etc.), and the number of days that the paying parent gets to spend with the child each year. Child support awards can be adjusted either up or down, but a number of criteria must be met before a Montana child support award is eligible for modification, and further there must be a showing of a substantial change in circumstances that makes modification of the child support order necessary. When you are facing child support legal issues, you need an experienced Montana child support attorney to help you through the process. Let us help you with the next steps of your child support legal matter.

Montana Child Custody

So much is at stake in a child custody situation; you love your children and want to have as much time with them as possible, and a child custody hearing most likely means that your time with your children will be reduced somehow. Montana child custody requires both parents submit to the court a proposed parenting plan detailing which parent will be the custodial parent, where the child will live, how the child will be financially provided for and identifying other factors that are relevant to the child’s physical and mental needs.

The Montana family court will also consider the best interests of the child when making a custody determination, and will focus on the wishes of the parents and the child, in addition to considering the mental and physical health of all parties involved. Further, the court will consider the child’s relationship with his or her parents, siblings and extended family, and the impact that an adjustment in the child’s life would have on the child (e.e., changing schools, moving away from family and friends, etc.). Child custody is a serious family law matter and we can help.

Montana Fathers’ Rights

In Montana, the state family courts recognize a man as the father of a child if he is married to the child’s mother either at the time of the birth or soon thereafter. But many children are born out of wedlock, and so the court also considers a man to be the “putative father” of a child when he accepts paternity in writing, provides support to the child as if it were his own, or is named on the birth certificate of the child. As a father, your rights are worth fighting for and should be fought for with the help and advice of an experienced Montana fathers’ rights lawyer. Our team can provide assistance and guidance to you as you safeguard your continued participation in your child’s life.

There are many family law topics covered by the laws of Montana, some of which include fathers’ rights, child custody and divorce. Regardless of what family law issue you might be facing, it is important to consult with a Montana family law lawyer as soon as possible in order to best preserve and protect your rights.

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