Maryland family law cases encompass many different issues from divorce to child custody to adoption, and more. Any type of family law matter may be stressful as these cases can substantially impact your children, your finances, and your future in general. Family laws and court procedures in Maryland may also be complicated and confusing, so you should never hesitate to contact an experienced legal professional for Maryland family law assistance. Our team of professionals can help provide Maryland family law advice as well as put you in touch with a qualified Maryland family law attorney if necessary.

Maryland Divorce

If you and your spouse agree to a divorce, you may file in Maryland on the basis that you have irreconcilable differences, which is referred to as a no-fault divorce. You also have the option to claim fault on the part of your spouse in your divorce petition on the basis of adultery, desertion, cruelty, or felony conviction, though fault-based divorces may be substantially more complex than no-fault divorce proceedings. The Maryland divorce process can already be complicated since numerous issues must be settled before a court will finalize the dissolution of marriage. These issues vary from case to case, but often include alimony, property division, child custody, and child support. If you are facing a divorce, you it is always wise to seek quality Maryland divorce advice from our legal professionals.

Maryland Child Support

Parents have the responsibility to support their children and divorce does not change this responsibility. This support, of course, includes financial contributions to provide for the basic needs of the child. For this reason, when children are involved in any type of family law matter, the court will address the matter of Maryland child support. Courts must use specific guidelines to order child support based on the combined income of the parents, the time spent with each parent, the number of children, and more. The figures determined under these guidelines are presumed to be fair and appropriate unless you or the other parent can adequately demonstrate why the amount is unfair and inappropriate. In such cases, the court may use its discretion to depart from the original amount by a small percentage. Whether you are paying or receiving payments, you should always call our team for Maryland child support help in order to ensure that your child support determination is fair.

Maryland Child Custody

Family courts determine Maryland child custody arrangements based on what is in the best interest of the child, and the court is not supposed to automatically favor the father or the mother. Custody determinations can be complicated since they involve both physical custody (spending time with children and tending to their daily needs) and legal custody (making decisions about the child’s long-term future, including religious upbringing, education, healthcare, and more). There are numerous options for custody arrangements, including sole custody, split custody, joint legal custody, shared physical custody, or a combination. If you and your spouse cannot agree on an arrangement, the court will intervene and make custody determinations based on many factors relating to the child’s best interests. You never want to risk losing the opportunity to be a significant part of your child’s life, therefore you should always call us to obtain valuable Maryland child custody advice before you proceed with your case.

Maryland Fathers’ Rights

Though Maryland courts are expected to presume that both parents should have an equal role in their child’s life, too many cases involve a father who does not receive the custody determinations that he deserves or who is ordered to pay more than his fair share of child support. For this reason, it is important to know how to stand up for your Maryland father’s rights throughout any type of family law case. Fathers deserve to have equal parental rights and responsibilities as mothers, though they are often subjected to false accusations that may tarnish their reputation with the courts. If you are facing a custody or child support case, you should not delay in calling for Maryland father’s rights advice as soon as possible.

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