Contested Divorce HelpIt used to be difficult to get the contested divorce help you deserve, but our team of expert family law attorneys can help like never before. There are many reasons for divorce, a cheating spouse, finances, lack of communication, and unfilled needs being among the most common. Just because one spouse determines that divorce is the only option does not mean that the other will. Even when the spouses agree to end the marriage, help may be needed throughout the process. Connecting with a professional is free and you can get started on moving towards a new chapter in your life!

Contested Divorce Help is Here!

Contested divorce help usually comes in the form of an attorney specializing in these cases. Contested divorce help is needed when one spouse tries to prevent the other from proceeding with a divorce or when the parties agree on divorcing but cannot agree on child custody, property division, or other relevant issues. A specialized attorney provides support and guidance to streamline the process while minimizing the negative emotions involved.

It can take several months to resolve the issues in a contested divorce and the court may establish temporary orders that remain in effect during this time. While the divorce is pending, the attorneys will request proof of income, expense records, and other documents from each other to help settle property, financial support, and child custody issues. The court may require the divorcing spouses to attend divorce mediation or child custody counseling during this time.

At the final divorce hearing, which can be requested by either party, the attorneys for both parties present final evidence to the judge and both spouses provide testimonies and may have witnesses testify. Attorneys play crucial roles in these hearings because the evidence and cases that they present directly affect the outcome of the divorce. The judge may issue a ruling at the hearing or enter it later. Once the divorce decree is entered, the couple is legally divorced.

The services of an experienced divorce lawyer come in handy during any contested divorce. Clients rely upon their attorneys to explain the divorce process, filings, and motions. They also seek legal guidance regarding which documents and other evidence to request during the divorce process. For example, to divorce an abusive wife, a male spouse may need to request medical and police records that substantiate the abuse.

An attorney with experience in the local jurisdiction is the best choice during a contested divorce. This legal professional knows what clients can expect from the local divorce process. Years of experience with the local courts have taught this attorney what to provide to the courts and the most effective ways to approach the judges. Select a local divorce attorney for contested divorce help to make the process easier. Connect with a family law attorney for free that can provide you with the divorce help and advice you deserve!

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