Can Men Win Custody of Children in Divorce?

A father’s rights to child custody should never be taken for granted. After all, it was only a few decades ago that men stood little chance of being awarded custody. Things have changed drastically since that time and many fathers are now enjoying joint or even full custody of...
Posted On 20 Jan 2014
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Do I Lose My 401(k) When I Get Divorced?

Thinking about getting divorced? You may be considering alimony, child support, and property division in divorce but have you thought about how your retirement may be affected? Many couples who are thinking of divorcing never consider how this act can affect their lifestyles...
Posted On 17 Jan 2014
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How Does Alimony Work?

Alimony is one of the outcomes of many divorces but many couples do not understand its purpose or how it is determined. Alimony is the regular payment of a predetermined amount of money by one former spouse to another after divorce. It is awarded when one spouse earns more money...
Posted On 16 Jan 2014
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How Do I Fight Paying Alimony?

Alimony, or spousal support, is a very complicated situation because there are no universal rules regarding this topic. Whether spouses agree upon it themselves, rely upon the expertise of family lawyers, or look to courts for a decision, there are few regulations to follow....
Posted On 13 Jan 2014
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Should My Wife Pay Me Child Support in Divorce?

Traditionally, women stayed at home to raise the children while men were the breadwinners. If a couple divorced, the female parent was almost automatically guaranteed to receive custody of the children because she was considered the natural caregiver. As a result, many male...
Posted On 12 Jan 2014
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How to Know How Much Child Support You Are Entitled To

Going through a divorce or separation can be an emotional process. But when a child is involved, dealing with issues such as custody and child support is painful and can cause disagreements between parents. Knowing and understanding child support rights is important, but some...
Posted On 10 Jan 2014
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How Lawyers Can Address Issues with Child Support

Although relationships end, care of children is something that lasts for many years after a divorce or separation. More often than not, one parent will be ordered to pay child support while the other parent will retain custody of the children. When disagreements arise regarding...
Posted On 09 Jan 2014
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How Lawyers Assist in Contesting Alimony

Going through a divorce raises many questions regarding assets, children, and splitting property. One topic many couples encounter during this process is spousal support or maintenance, commonly known as alimony. There are many circumstances in which this support may or may not...
Posted On 08 Jan 2014
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Recovering Back Child Support: What to Know

Child support is something many single parents rely on to help care for and raise their children. Considering these payments help pay for expenses such as clothing, medical bills, and school tuitions, being owed back child support can carry great consequences for both the parent,...
Posted On 07 Jan 2014
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Child Support: What Are a Father’s Rights?

Historically, a mother’s right to child support is the basis of most conversations within the court system when it comes to custodial agreements. Conversely, recent years have seen an upswing of father’s gaining primary custody and being the ones to receive support. For men on...
Posted On 06 Jan 2014
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