The Danger of Facebook and Social Media in Divorce Cases

Why You Should Keep Facebook Out of Your Divorce Litigations In today’s technology age, so much of our lives and our personal business exists on social media platforms, like Facebook, for the world to see. While it is great to share photos of vacations and delicious meals, it is...
Posted On 02 Aug 2016
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Divorce Effects on Male Rights

The men’s rights movement focuses on discrimination, oppression, and disadvantages faced by the male gender. This movement is a subset of the men’s movement that began in the 1970s. Considered a countermovement to feminism, it has affected several areas of the legal system...
Posted On 26 Jul 2016
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Agreeing to Get a Divorce

Most divorce stories relayed through the grapevine are gut wrenching. They include everything from fighting over cars and furniture to battling about who will receive custody of the children. The level of drama and stress involved is enough to make anyone want to remain single....
Posted On 16 Jul 2016
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Recent Family Law Changes

Each year brings additional changes to family and divorce rules/laws. This year, courts are grappling with some big issues, many of which require changes to laws, rules, or guidelines. Laws typically lag behind the times and judges who accept new legal interpretations open...
Posted On 04 Jun 2016
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When Parents Divorce, What Happens to Their Children

The divorce rate in today’s society is staggering. Many of these couples have children, meaning that additional lives are affected by the dissolution of the marriage. When parents divorce, they must think about not only dividing their assets and beginning separate lives but...
Posted On 28 Apr 2016
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Divorce Help Guide for Men

In many cases, divorce is something that catches one spouse by surprise. Men are often left with their mouth agape when their wife tells them they no longer want to be married and are filing for divorce. A man’s ego can be a very fragile thing, especially when the woman he loves...
Posted On 26 Jun 2015
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Things to Consider before Getting a Divorce

Are you starting to get that sick feeling that your marriage may be over? Deciding to end your marriage is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. With significant emotional and financial repercussions, this is a decision you will want to take your time to consider all...
Posted On 01 Jun 2015
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Child Custody Myths

How does that insurance commercial go? If you read it on the Internet, it must be true! Unfortunately, that is not always the case. This is not to say the information you are reading is intentionally misleading, but it may be outdated and based on past bias or laws on child...
Posted On 26 May 2015
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How to Keep Your Divorce Affordable

We all have friends that have claimed to have been “taken to the cleaners” during their divorce. Be it high legal fees or literally losing everything they own to their ex, their story can make you twinge a bit more when your spouse tells you that he or she wants a divorce....
Posted On 29 Apr 2015
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Telling Your Kids about Divorce

Divorce is very much a reality in our country and almost as many people that have successful marriages are getting divorced. In many of these cases, children are involved and both parents have to sit down at some point and figure out how they are going to tell the children that...
Posted On 07 Apr 2015
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